Wrongful Termination

Court Clarifies Punitive Damages Guidelines

In a ruling that may be useful to Massachusetts employers, the Supreme Judicial Court in October made clear that puntive damages can only be awarded to discrimination plaintiffs when their … more

Court Rulings Pose Risks For Employers

Massachusetts courts have been busy in the employment arena lately. In Summer 2009, they issued at least three substantive decisions that may force employers to take quick action on policy … more

SJC Makes Arbitration of Discrimination Lawsuits Tougher

In a surprising decision, Massachusetts’ highest court ruled in July that not all arbitration agreements are created equally and, consequently, only some of them are enforceable by employers. When it … more

Wrongful Termination Law in Massachusetts

Wrongful termination is a phrase frequently used by employers and employees alike to cover the whole rubric of potential causes of action that an individual could have against the company … more