Wrongful Termination

Employers Need Not Pay Legal Fees to Discrimination Employees who Don’t Win Damages

Employers facing discrimination lawsuits got a bit of help from the Massachusetts Court of Appeals recently when it held that employees cannot force them to repay their legal fees unless … more

Avoiding Handicap Law Violations Requires Caution in a Variety of Circumstances

All employers know, or certainly should know by now, that they have a duty to reasonably accommodate workers with disabilities. Still, cases in this area of law abound at the MCAD, … more

Limits Quickly Placed on Associational Discrimination Lawsuits

Not so fast, says the Massachusetts Court of Appeals. On the heels of the state’s highest court’s ruling that employees can sue their employers for discrimination against them based on … more

SJC Confirms that Discrimination based on Association with Another is Illegal in Massachusetts

It’s now officially the law of the Commonwealth, even if last week’s decision by the Supreme Judicial Court (SJC) was predictable in confirming what the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD) … more

Huge MCAD Award Sends Another Message to Employers on Workplace Bias

Employers who have yet to realize the dangers of even subtle discrimination in the workforce should take note of a recent MCAD decision that awarded huge damages to a gender … more

Massachusetts to Grant Work Leave Rights to Domestic Violence Victims?

By an overwhelming vote of 34-0, the Massachusetts State Senate voted on January 12 to grant victims of domestic violence up to 15 days of annual leave. The bill is … more

MCAD Exempts Itself from from Bankruptcy Stay Rule

In a decision many employment lawyers may find surprising, the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination refused in June to stay proceedings in an age and sex bias case despite the employer’s filing of … more

Employers Liable for Retaliation Against Former Employees

It’s always been clear that taking negative action against an employee because he/she filed a discrmination complaint or supported another employee who did so is illegal under Massachusetts law. Now, the … more

UPS Hit Hard by MCAD Again

The Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination has hit United Parcel Service with a second substantial judgment for discriminating against a Massachusetts employee. This time, the complaint was for handicap bias by UPS in … more

Take Care with Arbitrator Selection

Sometimes litigants learn the hard way that the judicial system doesn’t always dispense justice as well as it merely settles disputes. With arbitration, that lesson can be particularly harsh, since arbitrators aren’t required to follow … more