Task Force that Investigates Employee Misclassification is Broadened, made Permanent by Statute

Some six years after it was created by executive order, the joint task force on the underground economy and employee misclassification is being formalized by statute. As part of the recently enacted minimum wage law, there was created a “council on the underground economy” to coordinate state-wide efforts to combat misclassification.

The new Council was preceded in 2008 by a task force that Gov. Deval Patrick created under his executive authority. Its mission, then as now, is to investigate and help root out what Massachusetts considers a widespread effort to avoid tax laws and underpay workers by misclassifying them as contractors rather than employees. Under the new statute, the Council is empowered to educate business owners about the law, to conduct targeted investigations, and to take enforcement actions through multiple agencies. Its stated goals are to protect workers’ rights and ensure fair competition. The Council also clearly aims at helping the government increase collections of various tax-related assessments.

Included as part of the Council will be the same agencies that previously formed Gov. Patrick’s task force along with many additions. Eight of them are unnamed and will be appointed by the governor from among state agencies. The Council will be chaired by the secretary of labor and workforce development. The Department of Industrial Accidents, Division of Unemployment Assistance, and Department of Revenue will all have representatives just as they did on the task force.