Representative Cases

Court Punishes Employer for Failing to Post Required Employment Law Information

In a case that illustrates how a seemingly small error can cause an employer to suffer large damages, a U.S. District Court recently held that failing to post a required … more

Aggressive Noncompetition Suit in Massachusetts

Our client was a salesperson who was forced to defend herself against an aggressive noncompetition suit brought by her former employer, from which she resigned after many years due to … more

Use of inside information to transition customers to the competitor

Our client was a small business victimized by two of its former employees. After one of them was alerted she’d be laid off due to the closing of her office, … more

Handyman claimed he was improperly classified as a contractor

Our client was a small business that focused on the rental and sales of residential properties. In 2013, it engaged a handyman to help make repairs at the properties it … more

Inappropriate Sexual Behaviors by a Supervisor

Our client was an employee of a large package delivery company. After experiencing what she believed to be inappropriate sexual behaviors by a supervisor, she reported the conduct to his … more

Multi-day Sexual Harassment Training Program For Small Business

Our client was a design and construction company of about 150 employees. After it was threatened with a sexual harassment lawsuit by a former employee, it asked us to devise … more

Take Over Ownership of Existing Entity

Our client was an individual business person who operated a regional division of a large, international company. His objective was to take over ownership of the entity he managed and … more

Misclassification of Independent Contractors Defense

We defended a company against a class of employees who claimed they were misclassified as independent contractors and, consequently, denied wages due to them. The suit involved several complex legal … more

Starting A Competing Business Without Noncompetition Agreement

We represented an individual with experience in the commercial cleaning business who had left his employer to start a competing business after years of being underpaid. When he resigned, our … more

The Massachusetts Wage Act

Our client ran a successful small business performing in-home countertop installations. Without a hint of problems, he suddenly received a demand from one of his workers, who claimed through counsel … more