Non-competition Agreements

Maintaining Enforceable Noncompetition Agreements Requires Diligent Effort

Enforcing noncompetition agreements and other restrictions on post-employment activities is always a challenge in Massachusetts courts. Among the various issues employers must consider before attempting to do so is one … more

Moving Jobs in Face of Noncompetition Agreements takes Advance Planning

Moving jobs can be stressful, even when motivated by promises of better pay, a chance to move up the business ladder, or a more pleasant work experience. When a new … more

Proposals to Bar Noncompetition Agreements Make Little Progress in State Legislature

Proposed bills that would ban the enforcement of noncompetition agreements continue to be considered by the Massachusetts Legislature, though little progress has been made toward their approval. One proposed measure … more

Recent Case Highlights Issues for Employers Seeking to Enforce Non-compete Agreements

In a case that highlights the difficulties of enforcing even valid noncompetition agreements against former employees, a superior court judge recently refused an enforcement request against former employees working for … more

Legislators Again Propose Banning Noncompetition Agreements in Massachusetts

Despite past failures, including the defeat of bills proposed by former Governor Deval Patrick in 2014, the Massachusetts Legislature is again taking up the idea of banning noncompetition agreements in … more

Governor Revises Proposed Bill to Restrict Noncompetition Agreements

Though his proposal to ban noncompetition agreements in Massachusetts died in the state legislature over the summer, Governor Deval Patrick still hopes to enact a state law restricting their use. … more

Governor Patrick’s Proposed Ban on Noncompetition Agreements Maintains Business Protections

Governor Deval Patrick has entered the fray surrounding the enforcement of noncompetition agreements in Massachusetts. Apparently concerned about the effects the commonly used contracts have on growth and productivity in … more

Protecting Against Competition by Former Employees Requires Advance Planning

Protecting information that makes a business successful is a central part of every company’s plan. Employees are never permanent fixtures, and fewer work long-term than they used to. It’s wise, … more

Enforcement of Noncompetition Agreements Getting Easier?

In a decision that could make enforcing a central component of most noncompetition agreements easier, a U.S. District Court judge ruled this week that former employees cannot escape restrictions against soliciting … more

Massachusetts Needs Firm Rules on Noncompetition Agreements

The more you see noncompetition disputes play out in courtrooms or, more commonly, between law offices, the more it becomes clear that the Massachusetts Legislature needs to step in and … more