Massachusetts Wage Act

Voter Initiative Leads to New Sick Leave Rights for All Massachusetts Employees

Passage of the sick leave law by voters on November 4 will have tangible effects on virtually all Massachusetts employers. Though the statute might not require companies that already have … more

Wage Laws Require Both Proper Payment and Good Record Keeping

When it comes to paying employees their wages, being practical sometimes is not quite good enough. So learned a group of restaurant owners who insisted their workers received all the … more

U.S. Appeals Court Finds that Massachusetts’ Independent Contractor Statute Could be Precluded by Federal Law

In  a decision that could have broad implications for enforcement of Massachusetts’ tough employee classification law, the U.S. Court of Appeals has concluded that federal law just might make it … more

Meal Breaks: To Pay or Not to Pay?

Paying employees the wages they are due for their work is, conceptually, at least, a pretty straightforward matter. Working 8 hours, e.g., results in 8 hours of pay, less time … more

Task Force that Investigates Employee Misclassification is Broadened, made Permanent by Statute

Some six years after it was created by executive order, the joint task force on the underground economy and employee misclassification is being formalized by statute. As part of the … more

Minimum Wage Bill Passes; Governor Expected to Sign

The two legislative branches in the Commonwealth recently reached accord on a proposal to hike the minimum wage here in Massachusetts. Given the prior statements of Governor Deval Patrick, it … more

Domestic Workers Set to Receive Broad Wage Protections

A domestic workers bill that was unanimously approved by the state senate appears likely to become law soon. The proposal substantially expands the rights of cooks, housekeepers, nannies and others … more

Massachusetts Poised to Raise Minimum Wages

As a minimum wage hike at the federal level remains mired in the pit of political mud through which Congress forces virtually all legislation to pass, Massachusetts appears almost certain to increase the state’s rate in the near … more

SJC to Decide Key Cost-Shifting Questions under the Massachusetts Wage Act

Expressing uncertainty whether a company’s shifting of business expenses to its employees is actionable under the Wage Act, a federal court judge is asking the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (SJC) … more

New IRS Tax Rule on Restaurant Tips may Conflict with Massachusetts Law

  Beginning January 1, restaurants that add service charges to customer bills were required by IRS regulation to treat the payments as employee wages rather than tips, as most previously … more