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Appeals Court Sets Standard for Holding Managers Liable under Wage Act

The Massachusetts Court of Appeals recently shed a bit more light on what’s required to hold managers of a corporation liable for an employer’s failure to pay earned wages to … more

SJC Settles Wage Act Question: LLC Managers are Liable just like Anyone Else

In a decision that many employment lawyers saw coming, the Supreme Judicial Court declared on June 13 that managers of  limited liability companies are personally liable under the Massachusetts Wage Act if … more

When Can Employers Use Independent Contractors to Perform Work in Massachusetts?

The conservative answer to this question is “never.” Under Massachusetts law, the use of independent contractors is severely restricted. In a classic example of what many consider legislative overkill, the law assumes all workers are … more

What do I need to do if I suspect an employee is stealing?

Additional Information: I am a small business owner in Framingham, MA and suspect one of my employees is stealing from me.  What do I need to do?  Contact an attorney?  … more

What can I ask (and not ask) a job candidate’s prior employers?

Additional Information: As an employer at a Ashland, MA company what kind of information can I ask a job candidate’s prior employers?  Isn’t the onus on the prior employer(s) to … more

Protecting Assets Against the Competition

Starting a successful business isn’t easy. It may require financial risk, long hours at the office, and maybe a bit of luck. The last thing a small business owner needs … more

What is defamation of character?

Additional Information: I am an executive with a small local bank. One of the associates claimed I was drunk at a recent branch visit.   My peers and direct reports all … more

I’ve been paid late for about 6 months. What are my rights?

Additional Information: I’ve been paid late every pay period for six months. Not a day or two, but days or weeks late. We rent an apartment in Natick, and because … more

Is my company required to hold open an injured worker’s job position?

Additional information: My company has an employee who’s been complaining about some back pain for quite a while now. He’s gone to various doctors and saw a neurologist recently. This … more

My boss, a white male, is wage discriminating against minorities.

Additional  Information: The owner at my place of employment in Southboro is wage discriminating.  As a white male he pays Hispanics/blacks/females significantly less on average and in similar positions than … more