Huge MCAD Award Sends Another Message to Employers on Workplace Bias

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Arbitration Clauses Can Shorten Filing Deadlines, Alter Procedural Rules

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Massachusetts to Grant Work Leave Rights to Domestic Violence Victims?

By an overwhelming vote of 34-0, the Massachusetts State Senate voted on January 12 to grant victims of domestic violence up to 15 days of annual leave. The bill is … more

MCAD Exempts Itself from from Bankruptcy Stay Rule

In a decision many employment lawyers may find surprising, the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination refused in June to stay proceedings in an age and sex bias case despite the employer’s filing of … more

Employers Liable for Retaliation Against Former Employees

It’s always been clear that taking negative action against an employee because he/she filed a discrmination complaint or supported another employee who did so is illegal under Massachusetts law. Now, the … more

Sometimes, It Takes Only A Word

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White-on-White Race Harassment Declared Illegal

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New Law Limits Employer Inquiries on Criminal Records

Refusing to hire job applicants with criminal records just got a little trickier. As of November 2010, most employers are no longer permitted to ask criminal history questions on written … more

MCAD Authority Undercut by Court

The Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD) has been dealt a blow by the state’s Supreme Judicial Court (SJC). In an August 2010 decision, the Court held that the MCAD’s written guidelines on the Massachusetts Maternity … more

Discrimination at Work: Don’t Even Joke About It!

The Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination has made clear yet again the risks employers face when they tolerate even seemingly innocent forms of workplace discrimination. This time, it awarded nearly $400,000 … more