Massachusetts Extends Emergency Paid Sick Leave Benefits to April 1, 2022

The Massachusetts legislature recently voted to extend the state’s emergency COVID-19 sick leave law from September 20, 2021, when it was set to expire, until April 1, 2022. Governor Baker … more

It’s Time for Employers to Mandate COVID-19 Vaccinations for their Workers

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Navigating a Wage and Hour Audit

They can come from either of two governmental agencies, one federal and the other part of the Massachusetts Attorney General’s office. Often, they occur simultaneously, with each agency focusing on … more

Massachusetts Moves Towards Making COVID-Related Sick Leave Mandatory

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COVID Risks may be Lower in 2021, but Safety Rules Remain Important for Employers as Worker Complaints Increase

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The New Paid Family and Medical Leave Act: What’s an Employer to Do?

While it may not  have been top of mind amid the COVID turmoil of 2020, the Massachusetts Paid Family and Medical Leave Act (PFML) was not impacted by the pandemic … more

Massachusetts Appeals Court Refuses to Expand Exceptions to At-Will Employment Rule

Once again, Massachusetts courts have refused to expand exceptions to the state’s general rule that employers can terminate employees whenever they see fit. This time, though, it was a closer … more

Minimum Hourly Pay Rate Is Now $13.50 Per Hour

With the new year came the latest in a series of hikes to the Massachusetts minimum wage. Effective January 1, 2021, the minimum pay rate reached $13.50 per hour on … more

New Covid-19 Relief Bill Provides Important Benefits to Small Employers

After months of negotiations, discussions, and hiccups, Congress finally passed and President Trump signed into law a new Covid-19 relief bill. Ongoing debates about additional required actions notwithstanding, the law … more

Paid Family and Medical Leave Benefits will become Effective in Massachusetts on January 1, 2021

As 2020 closes with hope that the coronavirus will soon become a thing of the past, employers need to begin implementing Massachusetts’ new Paid Family and Medical Leave law (PFML). … more