Court Punishes Employer for Failing to Post Required Employment Law Information

In a case that illustrates how a seemingly small error can cause an employer to suffer large damages, a U.S. District Court recently held that failing to post a required … more

U.S. Dept. of Labor Proposes New Regulation on Independent Contractor Status

After first proposing to amend its regulation regarding independent contractor classification under federal law, then trying to rescind the proposal before being told by a Court it could not do … more

Appeals Court Holds that Employees of Massachusetts Governmental Agencies Cannot Sue Under the Wage Act

In a decision that reminds us all of the often-overlook power of government to make and apply the rules that regulate society, the Massachusetts Court of Appeals decided that employees … more

Massachusetts Adds “Natural Hairstyle” as a Protected Category to Anti-Discrimination Laws

The list of characteristics protected by Massachusetts anti-discrimination laws has become a bit longer with the addition of “natural hairstyle” to long-standing items such as race, gender, disability, and color. … more

Upcoming Juneteenth Holiday Means Retail Employers cannot Require Work, must Pay Premium Wages

As the newest of the nation’s holidays approaches this coming Sunday, to be recognized in Massachusetts on Monday, June 20, employers in retail businesses need to be sure they are … more

Federal Government Bans Mandatory Arbitration in Workplace Sexual Assault and Harassment Cases

The federal government recently acted to permit employees who allege sexual assault or sexual harassment to avoid mandatory arbitration provisions in agreements they signed, regardless when they signed them, as … more

SJC Rules that Employers are Liable for Triple Damages and Legal Fees For any Late Payment of Wages, Regardless of Reason

Reversing a years-long, widely accepted approach by employment attorneys and courts, Massachusetts’ highest court ruled early this month that, regardless of the reason or length of delay, employers must pay … more

Court Rules that Employers Cannot Punish Employees for Rebutting Negative Personnel File Material

After about three years of litigation that featured a dismissal of his lawsuit and a loss at the Massachusetts Court of Appeals, a former employee of Medical Information Technology, Inc., … more

Contribution and Benefit Rates for Massachusetts Family and Medical Leave are Set to Change January 1, 2022

As the second full year of the Massachusetts paid family leave law nears, the department that runs the program recently made a fairly unusual decision – it is reducing rather … more

New Federal Regulation will Clarify when Employers can Pay the Tip Rate instead of Massachusetts’ Minimum Wage

The U.S. Department of Labor (“DOL”) is issuing new rules on when employers can pay their workers  less than the minimum hourly wage by using what’s called the tip credit. … more