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Massachusetts Legislature Passes Noncompetition Statute that Brings an Array of New Rules to the Employment Arena

It took years and came down to the last minutes of the current session, but the Massachusetts Legislature finally passed a noncompetition law on July 31, 2018. If signed by … more

Noncompetition Agreement Legislation Appears No Closer to Passage in Massachusetts

The effort to regulate the use of noncompetition agreements continues to languish in a legislative committee, where most of several competing proposals were referred early in 2017. Alongside them – … more

Preventing Identity Theft — The New Employer Duty

A tough new data protection law is on the books and will soon require virtually all Massachusetts businesses to implement comprehensive policies to protect against identity theft. The statute applies so … more

Court Clarifies Punitive Damages Guidelines

In a ruling that may be useful to Massachusetts employers, the Supreme Judicial Court in October made clear that puntive damages can only be awarded to discrimination plaintiffs when their … more

Misclassifying Workers Can Mean Big, Big Damages

Employers who misclassify their workers as independent contractors now have even more to worry about. In August, the state’s highest court made clear they could pay huge damages for this … more

SJC Makes Arbitration of Discrimination Lawsuits Tougher

In a surprising decision, Massachusetts’ highest court ruled in July that not all arbitration agreements are created equally and, consequently, only some of them are enforceable by employers. When it … more

Wrongful Termination Law in Massachusetts

Wrongful termination is a phrase frequently used by employers and employees alike to cover the whole rubric of potential causes of action that an individual could have against the company … more

Massachusetts Employment Law: How To Let Your Workers Go

One thing Massachusetts employers must understand is that you are free to do as you see fit with your employees. You can let them go for any reason, at any … more

COBRA Law Benefits Expanded

It’s commonly known as the “Stimulus Bill,” and is officially called the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. This is the huge federal bill passed in February at the … more

Massachusetts Attacks Independent Contractors

In 2004, Massachusetts changed its independent contractor law in a rather radical way. The amendment essentially banned the use of independent contractors in the Commonwealth, regardless whether workers and employers … more