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My boss, a white male, is wage discriminating against minorities.

Additional  Information: The owner at my place of employment in Southboro is wage discriminating.  As a white male he pays Hispanics/blacks/females significantly less on average and in similar positions than white males. In a lot of cases the job levels/titles are identical and a Hispanic male will get paid 25% less than a white male. Same goes for females. Could the minorities work together with an employment attorney to file a complaint or would each individual have to file separately? [Read more…]

I was the only one fired for failing a drug test. Isn’t this discrimination?

Additional  Information: I work for a company in Ashland, MA that has over 50 employees and was recently fired for failing a drug test. There were several  of us that were randomly tested, but I was the only one fired. I know without a doubt that at least 2 of the others failed their test too.  Isn’t this discrimination and what can I do? [Read more…]

Properly Classifying Employees in Massachusetts