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In MA is it legal for an interviewer to ask if I’ve been convicted of a felony?

Additional  Information: During a recent job interview, I was asked if I was ever convicted of a felony.   I felt I had to answer the question so I answered honestly, “yes” for something that happened over 10 years ago.   I thought it was against the law in MA for employers to ask this?   Is there anything I can do at this point? [Read more…]

What does MA law allow employers to say in a reference check?

Additional Information: I’m been unemployed for 6 months and have been applying for jobs and interviewing but have received no job offers.  Then I got to wondering what my former employer can say about me in a reference?  Does MA law restrict employers from only providing info like dates worked and title and job responsibilities?  Can my former employer say negative things about me that would keep me from getting another job? [Read more…]