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Legislature Considers Bill to Manage Non-Competition Agreements

Following the failure of a 2009 initiative to ban the enforcement of non-competition agreements, the Massachusetts legislature is now considering a bill to limit their applicability. The bill now winding its way through the legislative process would require, among other things, that non-compete agreemetns:

1.  Be written in a stand-alone format that both employer and employee sign. If non-competition is a condition of employment, the requirement must be disclosed to a new employee at least seven days prior to his/her starting work;

2.  If entered after an employee begins work, be supported by something valued at 10% or more of an employee’s annual salary. Notice of at least 2 weeks must also be provided to employees. This provision would ban the employer practice of requiring workers to enter a non-competition agreements immediately, under threat of job loss (this principle of law is already in effect under interpretative decisions of Massachusetts courts); [Read more…]